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Best Golf Equipment

When it comes to finding the best golf equipment for your game there is no better place than Uintah Golf. They have multiple stores from St. George to Riverdale and boast some of the best fitting equipment in the West.

If you are serious about your game you will get fitted with the right equipment for your ability. You wouldn't play golf in shoes that are 2 sizes too big would you? So why would you play with clubs that are totally mis matched to your swing?
The experts at Uinta will analyze your swing and come up with a package that fits what you need. They analyze your ball speed, carry, trajectory, spin and several other characteristics to determine what you need in a club and shaft. Only by analyzing and experimentation will you gain the maximum performance. 

There is not one golf pro on the circuit that plays with off the shelf clubs, they get fitted. Why not you? It will simply do wonders for your game.

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Indoor Golf 

Why let your game slide when you can't work in a round at the course? Links Indoor Golf is open 24/7 and you can golf on more than 150 courses throughout the country, including the most famous ones.

They go out of their way to accomodate you with daily, monthly and annual passes, and they also have the most realistic TruGolf tracking and video equipment that not only measures several aspects of your game, it's quite realistic.

Best Courses Nationally

This site ranks the best courses in the country, beginning in the west.

If you have played a course you think needs to be here, let us know.

The rankings you see on the site are as of November, 2020.